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Creative Web Solutions

Basic Package

Webpages examples

• Home
• About
• Products/Service display
• Contact us

Home page slider
Video display (limited)
Image gallery
Contact form
Creative design
Typography design

Fully managed
Business web hosting package – 1 year

• Website hosting
• SQL Database
• Email hosting

Professional Package

• Includes all of basic package
• Social media linking
• SEO Basic
• Multilanguage
• Advanced module

o Email marketing
o Event/Schedule booking system
o Customer support system
o Education system (basic)
o E-commerce (basic)
o Cloud storage integration system
o Geographical based website system

Fully managed
Pro web hosting package - 1 year

• Enhanced website hosting
• Advanced SQL Database
• Email hosting

Enterprise Package

Includes all of professional package

Advanced systems platforms
• E-commerce(advanced)
• In-house social media platform
• Video sharing platform
• Event hosting platform
• Bulletin board forum system
• Communication platform
• Integration with existing system

Fully managed
Enterprise web hosting package – 1 year

• Advanced website hosting
• Cloud SQL Database
• Email hosting

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